Walking Music produces and distributes original music, videos and films with artists of all ages from all over the world.  Walking Music is an ethical, practical and functional organization that evolved out of a plethora of musical experiences shared between novice and professional Musicians throughout the world over the last ten years.  It its most simple terms, we are Musicians making and sharing Music.  Primarily operating in Denver, Colorado and the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, we work with real people who have real talent.  We seek Musicians of all types: young and old, male and female, black, white, brown and purple.  No matter who you are, if you feel the Music in your sole, Walking Music is the place for you.  

Who We Are

How We Started

After a life altering Musical experience in Jamaica's Blue Moutains in the winter of 2013, Co-Founder Perseus Shepard had no choice but to follow the melody. He returned to Jamaica two more times by the summer of 2014 and, upon returning home that June, he fully committed to the beginning stages of what would eventually become the Walking Music Foundation (for more information about Perseus Shepard aka Grampa Boots' Journey, watch Walking Music, our first full length documentary). 


With a lot of wonderful support, he spent the next four years working with Denver-based charity the Mile High Scenesters to develop the Walking Music Box, a mobile music studio designed to make professional quality production available in a portable suitcase (see picture ➜).  To date he has had help from numerous musicians from many walks of life and used the Walking Music Box to create tunes with people ages 7 and up in both the Denver Metro Area and the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.  

Walking Music to the World

As we begin our second full calendar year of operation, Walking Music has joined forces with the Mile High Scenesters to create more and more opportunities for budding Musicians of all ages.  As a hybrid for-profit label (Walking Music, LTD) and nonprofit organization (the Walking Music Foundation) we are working towards our ultimate goal of finding the true, symphonic inner voice of a collectively united humanity.  Please explore the website and enjoy our content.  For more information on the Walking Music Foundation, please click the button below.  Bless, Bless, Bless

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